Should I color in my kois tho

What color thooo

Me about everything

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I learned Thai massage today in class who wants a m a s s a g e

Anonymous asked:
What's your hobby

I am really trying to get into smiling l o l

God, I am such an emotional cancer




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"I tried."

How I feel about every damn thing right now. (Gnarlyswells)


Still waiting for the boobs to come in


i found my journal

2013, july;
"final entry,
she is home.”

2014, january;
"i ripped these poems out as rough as you ripped me from your life, i fucking hate how you keep the stars glowing and the oxygen flowing, i did it without even flinching don’t you dare tell me you never felt anything, don’t you fucking dare, i loved you more than the sea loved the shore and you tore me away like a gorgeous fucking drought."

I lit my cigarette backwards, and I am completly sober this time OH OK

I just want someone to spoon and then fuck their brains out, is that so much to ask?!

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what part of florida do you inhabit?

West palmmmm

My niece is learning #flexingfamily #lesbian #hergunsarebigger